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Boston albums and related side projects

Boston cover

Boston - 1976

Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic, Guitars, Bass, Organ, Clavinet & Percussion: Tom Scholz
Lead/Harmony Vocals, Acoustic 12 String and Rhythm Guitars, Percussion: Brad Delp
Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Barry Goudreau
Bass Guitar: Fran Sheehan
Drums and Percussion:
Sib Hashian

Don't look back cover

Boston: Don't Look Back - 1978

Lead, Acoustic, Electric Rhythm, 12 String Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organs: Tom Scholz
Brad Delp
Lead and Slide Guitar:
Barry Goudreau
Sib Hashian
Bass Guitar:
Fran Sheehan

third stage cover

Boston: Third Stage - 1986

Lead/Harmony vocals: Brad Delp
Pretty much everything else:
Tom Scholz
Jim Masdea
Gary Pihl

walk on cover

Boston: Walk On - 1994

Vocals: Fran Cosmo, David Sikes, Tommy Funderburk
Organ, Piano, Clavinet, Keyboard Strings:
Tom Scholz
Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Tom Scholz, Gary Pihl
Bass Guitar:
Tom Scholz, David Sikes
Drums: Doug Huffman, Tom Scholz

greatest hits cover

Boston: Greatest Hits - 1997

Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Organ, Piano, Keyboard Strings, Drums, Vocals, Produced, Engineered and Arranged: Tom Scholz
Fran Cosmo, David Sikes, Brad Delp
Curly Smith

Three new tracks including 2 versions of "Higher Power", re-mastered greats, and Brad Delp returns!

barry goudreau cover

Barry Goudreau - 1980
Guitar: Barry Goudreau 
Vocals: Brad Delp 
Drums: Sib Hashian 
Vocals: Fran Cosmo

Hard rockin' guitar-based music, similar to Boston. Features a blistering guitar work by Barry, especially the solo on "Mean Woman Blues." Brad's voice dominates this album, but Fran Cosmo is also featured on a couple of tracks.  Was released on LP in 1980, out of print for years, and finally reissued on CD in 1996.

orion the hunter cover

Orion The Hunter - 1984
Guitar: Barry Goudreau
Backing Vocals: Brad Delp
Vocals: Fran Cosmo
Bass Guitar: Bruce Smith
Drums: Micheal DeRosier

The music on Orion The Hunter is more keyboard/synthesizer based. It rocks, but is different than Boston. Still Barry shreds on this one too. The album even had a hit single with a music video in "So You Ran."  Was released on LP in 1984, out of print for years, and finally reissued on CD in 1995.

rtz cover

RTZ: Return To Zero - 1991
Guitar: Barry Goudreau
Vocals: Brad Delp
Bass Guitar: Tim Archibald
Drums: Dave Stefanelli
Keyboards: Brian Maes

RTZ formed around Brad and Barry while they were recording for fun. The album is more accoustic than Boston, but it rocks. The supporting musicians, Tim, Dave, and Brian are very talented and really contribute to the feel of the music.  It was released in 1991 and is currently out of print.

lost cover

RTZ: Lost - 1998

Guitar: Barry Goudreau
Vocals: Brad Delp
Bass Guitar: Tim Archibald
Drums: Dave Stefanelli
Keyboards: Brian Maes

The album Lost was almost never released. Here's the story; Barry had a lot of recordings left over from the first RTZ album that he was planning on putting on the second album, that is until the label dropped them. Barry shopped the recordings around and it was picked up by MTM Music in 1998. Lost is a German import.  If you liked the first RTZ album, then don't miss this one either. It's features more great harmonies by Brad Delp.

lisa guyer cover

Lisa Guyer Band:
Gypsy Girl -
Guitar: Barry Goudreau
Vocals: Lisa Guyer, guest apearances from Brad Delp
Bass Guitar: Tim Archibald
Drums: Dave Stefanelli
Brian Maes
The Lisa Guyer Band was formed around Barry and Lisa. The music is a
bluesy style and Lisa's voice is very similar to Melissa Etheridge. Once
again, Barry's guitar smokes! Both Lisa and Barry say they have found their "musical soul mates."
missing piece cover
Alliance: Missing Piece - 1999
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals: Robert Berry (Hush, 3)
Guitar: Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar)
Keyboards: Alan "Fitz" Fitzgerald (Night Ranger, Sammy Hagar)
Drums: David Lauser (Sammy Hagar)

Delp and Goudreau - 2003
Vocalist Brad Delp of the band Boston and former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau teamed up again with some guitar driven, melodic rock featuring soaring vocals and guitar, wrapped in life-living lyrics.

beatlejuice pic

BeatleJuice - 1996
(Did not record any CD's)

Vocals, Guitar: Brad Delp
Drums: Muzz
Bass Guitar: Joe Holaday
Guitar: Bob Squires
Keyboards: Steve Baker

BeatleJuice; a Beatles tribute band that plays around the Boston area (Sommerville, Massachusetts). Brad was a major Beatles fan and this was his how he enjoyed himself. BeatleJuice only performs live. Although they have no cd's out, they have been recorded from a performance on WZLX in Boston.